Beautiful Boer Buck - $1,200

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Meet Pitfall!

Gorgeous young Boer buck, born 2/14/2022, we purchased him in May of 2022 to add some color to our herd. Parents are full ABGA registered but he is not and does not have any papers. I believe I have a copy of the papers for the Father, but I'll need to dig them out of my records. Father was red with white markings mother was dappled/moon spotted red and white.

Unfortunately due to a move, we are needing to downsize our herd and sell this beautiful boy. He is exceptionally friendly, and very easy to work with. Has worn a collar most of his life, and usually walks well on a leash. Does very well on a tie out to mow grass and weeds!

This is the first year we opted to breed him with some of our boer does, and he so far has made some excellent and colorful babies! I've included a few pics of them. Small darker one is about a week old, larger red and white with single red sleeve is only two months old and MASSIVE; truly one of the best kids I've seen. Also included a picture of Pitfall at a few months of age, when he was still small and cute.

I have other Boer does and doelings for sale as well, all unrelated to him, so if you need additional goats let me know! Willing to do a deal on purchases of three or more.

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