Boer does - unconfirmed bred - $375

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Three Boer does available for sale. We are downsizing as part of a move and can only keep a few does, so unfortunately have to part with these girls. All are experienced and successful mothers, really great breeding does overall!

Two are standard red and white, sisters approximately 2 years old. Both were bred to a red and white buck last year and had red and white kids, two bucks and two does between them if I recall correctly. Doe with less white on face is one of the most attentive mothers I have seen. Both are friendly and fairly easy to handle, asking $375 for each.

The third is mostly light red with white markings, approximately 7 years old, and is dehorned. We have had her for several years now, and she has had an excellent kidding record. She REALLY likes the red buck in picture, and together they have produced kids that are solid red or red with a small amount of white. When bred to a black headed buck she produced black headed kids with no red. Overall she is more skittish, but an excellent mother and the kids have excellent temperaments. Asking $300 for her.

All three have been in with the large red buck in photos for a while now, so I would expect them to be bred, as he has never been a slacker!

I have other doelings and bucks available for sale as well, so if you need more goats let me know! Willing to do a deal on sales of three or more.

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