I need a safe place for my blind rooster


I have a 6 year old, cuckoo Marans Rooster, that has always been nearly blind. His name is Daniel. He can find his food and water, with only a little help. He prefers to be with people, and will follow me around, if he can. He loves it when I let him sit on my hip, when I lie down to read or sleep. He likes to be held, and petted, and will coo softly whenever he is getting affection. It is very endearing! He is great company for someone who spends a lot of time inside. I know that he would be a comfort to someone who spent time dealing with mobility issues. He would love to sit with them, and watch TV, for instance.

Daniel prefers, naturally, to live indoors, where he can be social. He cannot really live around other chickens. Hens will peck at him, the way they do; but, he can't see it coming, I am very afraid that they will hurt him, and once he is injured, they will kill him, the way chickens often do when one of their flock is wounded. He will fight with other roosters, even through wire mesh. His once-beautiful comb is all scarred and bent, because I did not anticipate the problem.

There is another obstacle to keeping him near other birds, of any kind. Somehow, Daniel became infected with a virus that acts the way the virus that causes cold sores does in people. He gets sores on his comb. They come and go, without causing him any apparent discomfort. They do not require treatment, although sometimes when his comb looks very dry and has those sores, I put a little coconut oil on it. He likes the attention, but I don't know if it actually helps him or not. The virus is almost certainly contagious to other birds. He got it somewhere, despite living alone. Probably it came from a visiting wild bird, as I have never had any other pet bird that had any such condition. Like cold sores in people, it cannot be cured. It is not, however, contagious to any other kind of animal, or people. It is just a bird thing. I have had many other birds since Daniel got the virus. None have ever caught it. Basic bio-security will almost certainly keep Daniel from passing it on. I always recommend that people give some thought, however, to protecting their flocks from wild birds. I wish I had understood the risk that they pose sooner.

Daniel went through a stage where he would try, aggressively, to mate with people's shoes. Sometimes, in so doing, he would grab hold of their leg, with his beak, and this would hurt. He is not capable of doing any real harm, but it did hurt, and was rather shocking, too. But, for the last couple of years, he has virtually stopped doing that. I only mention it because I want to be upfront about his very minimal character flaws.

I love him very much! I have to spend at least a couple of months in a place where I cannot have him with me. I need to find a safe place for him to be, either until I can take him back, or, for the rest of his life, if the person he stays with becomes attached, and wants to keep him. I just need to know that he will be safe, and that he will not just be left alone all the time. Chickens need a flock, and since Daniel can't have one, he needs at least one person to flock with. It would be beyond cruel to leave him always alone in the dark.

I do not have a lot of money, but I can buy his food, and pay something too. Or, I have lots of things to offer in trade. If you find that it is not working out, I will arrange to come get him at once. No hard feelings! I have recommended all of my other birds, and also my goats, because of my situation. It has been very painful! So, if he has to be picked up, I will be happy to see him, and will arrange something else.. So, you don't need to be afraid of being stuck with him, if you don't get along.

I know that this post is way too long. I'm sorry! Daniel is precious to me, though, and I want to do my best to see that whoever takes him in is prepared, and will enjoy having him for a while.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!!

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