$12,000 / 1760000ft2 - 40 Acres High Desert Sunny Land 3K Dn. 150 mo (Adel)

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Howdy Craigslisters, I am selling my beautiful "recreational use" zoned ( it is currently in a Sage Grouse habitat zone) 40 acres of raw land in Adel Oregon, which is Deep down in the Southeast corner of the state. According to the county one can use the land for 7 days out of every 30 days, throughout the year, so yes you would be "camping out" in one of the many ways folks like to do that. NO permanent structures or building can be done on it. This is a great chance to secure a good size chunk of beautiful land for use now and to have it for the future. This land is high desert and would be described as some flatland and some rolling hills, covered with plenty of sagebrush. It has a ton of interesting features. With an elevation of 5,000 Feet above sea level the 360 degree views are nothing short of amazing and the air is mountain fresh. While this part of Oregon does get pretty cold in the Winter, it normally gets strong sunshine for roughly 2/3 of the whole year, averaging 260 sunny days per year. It is off the grid for electricity but a portable generator or small portable solar array could help. As far as business potential FOR
THE FUTURE, 2 currently strong "Green" trends are in play, and by that, I mean renewable energy (solar, wind,geothermal) generation, also should Lake County ever decide to legalize cannabis cultivation these areas could have some upside with greenhouse growing powered by solar. If you look up Solar power in Lakeview Oregon which Adel is roughly 40 miles away from, you will see there are at least 25 operating solar farms and some number of operating geothermal installations. Now... when will further energy generation become more important on this 40 acres, than the sage grouse habitat is an open question, can they co-exist?? Some of the other pretty cool features of the land are: Indian artifacts have been found in this general part of Oregon. Further, the general area is Well known TODAY for having what are called Oregon Sunstone "plush" diamonds which have become a very valuable stone in modern jewelry, look it up. Beyond these features, this area is a sportsman's paradise: Folks come from miles away for the Deer and Elk hunting, big time fishing on Lake Abert and the other lakes, hang gliding off of cliff sides as there are endless plateaus to take off from and land on, and some great Rodeo and Country Days festivals. The visibility at these elevations in all directions is so powerful it really gives one a sense of calm and awe at the same time, and sort of puts things in perspective to help de-stress.
A few things that should be mentioned at this point: There is currently (to my knowledge) no legal access to the parcel, which means the future owner would need to obtain an official easement (which Oregon Law states must be granted) from a neighbor that does have access to a main roadway. Second, when I purchased the property I did so "sight unseen" because it was not a lot of money for 40 acres and I like land. Third, one should plan on having a pretty heavy duty vehicle (truck) to navigate these areas, a regular car just won't work. Fourth, I don't know about the survey history of property, other than how Lake County describes it.
Lastly, what about the purchase details: I am selling it for $12,000. All cash up front is OK of course, but if you need terms, I am looking for 25% down, willing to take the down payment in something like real gold items or silver, and a land contract for the balance over 5 years, at ZERO interest rate!! How's that for fighting inflation?? That would make the payments $150 per month, obviously, no penalty for paying it off early. I know of a trustworthy Oregon based escrow/title company that will handle the whole transaction (I pay the escrow fees), they manage the whole process and it is easy, they send you the paper coupon each month, when it's paid in full they send you the clear title, simple. My name is AL I live in Yachats on the coast,and my home number show contact info or my cell show contact info or you can email me back, hit the reply button. Thanks for looking, have a super day!!! AL

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